Monday, July 23, 2012

Las Vegas

We got to go to Vegas last weekend for my grandmas 70th birthday. It was busy but so much fun.
First day we got there we checked it then went over to New york and played video games while some people went on the roller coaster. Then went to dinner there I had the best hot dog ever.


Ceasars Palace

I got Rob dark hot chocolate that was $7 dollars for a little 8 oz cup, but he said it was worth it. Teagen liked it too.

We went to the Bellagio for brunch one day, sooo good.

Just the girls took grandma to a show then walked to the fountians.

Birthday Dinner

I got money from everyone and letters and put them in this basket for grandma.

The Venecian

Senior Frogs at Treasure Island

M & M Factory

Beaver on the way home, best picture ever

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Draycen Lee Worthington

The Birth:
I know this is 2 months late but that's okay. I was due the 10Th of September and I really thought I would come early like I did with Teagen, that was not the case. My grandma and aunt Debbie came in for a week almost and left the 6Th I tried everything to induce me naturally but He would not give. I woke up Sunday the 11Th and we got ready for church and I started having contractions at 10:15 I tracked them all through Sunday school but they were feeling like they had all week so I didn't think much about it. Then about 11:15 they started to come really hard so I got Rob out of priesthood and Teagen out and went home we called the Midwife on our way, I went to lie down but they just kept coming. Chris the midwife got there with her intern and checked me and I was at a 7. So I got in the tub and that was a little better but I had a lot of pressure because my water had not broken yet. I pushed a little to help that and it broke then I pushed and Draycen was out in 15 minutes.
He has been a really good baby it has been a little hard adjusting to two but I am getting the hang of it now. Teagen is really good with him he is soft and doesn't really bug him. He loves to hold him and helps me get things for Draycen.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The past couple months

So we got rid of our internet so it has been hard to keep up with things. It is really hard going without it. Easter was fun with Teagen this year he went around the house looking for eggs and his basket. Then we got ready and went to brunch with my mom and Bryan at the Little America Hotel. Then we went to dinner at dads house, it was a really fun day.

We were able to go to California a couple weeks ago thanks to Rob's parents. They flew us down on Wednesday early then checked in to our hotel, then went over to Disneyland for the day. We did both parks so that day was super busy I was so tired that night. The park closed at 8 then we went over to Joes Crab Shack for dinner. Rob got this big crab plate that I couldn't eat. When we got to the hotel we just crashed.

The next day we just took it easy and went to the beach. Teagen just wanted to chase the birds. He went in the water a little with Rob's mom but it was too cold for me. Then we went back to the hotel packed and had a couple hours to kill so we walked over to the Downtown Disney. Rob and Teagen liked the Lego store then we got our stuff and went to the airport to go home (sniffle).

Teagen fell asleep on the way to the airport and pretty much the whole way home. He woke up once on the flight and Rob took him and he fell right back asleep. It was such a well needed trip, even thought it was only 2 days we really needed a break from life.
My sister is prego too but she is due in 3 weeks now and I did some maternity photos for her shower. I put them all in a book and had people sign. It turned out really cute. Her shower turned out really cute too, a lot of people showed up too. It was a pretty good day.